Saturday, January 29, 2011


Was a rough start, thought our flight may be cancelled due to the volcano erupting in Java. Yay for us we still got here. We were treated like kings and queens on singapore airlines, who needs first class.
Has been pissing dpwn with rain since we got here but have still managed to have a good look round thanks to our tour guide Inge.
Went to China town last night to find a meal, some interesting things on the menu... pickeled frogs legs, chicken feet (poor fee fee and felicity), pork intestines yum yum!!
We are staying at Inge's pad and it's an awesome location right in the heart of Singapore next to Orchard Rd, for those of you that know Singapore.

Just booked our accomodation for Phuket for tomorrow right in the heart of Patong Beach.

Off to the zoo today, hope the animals still come out to say hi through all this rain.

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  1. Sash,
    You never told me that Luke had a twin!!!?
    Love Dad XX